Welcome and Why I Love My Mailman!

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Hi there! As you can see I have started a blog (thanks Captain Obvious!). You can check out the ‘About Me’ page and it will give you the why. Also see the ‘Review Policy’ and ‘Rating System’ pages and you will be caught up on all the happenings thus far!

So let’s move ahead into why I love my mailman…

This past week has been amazing for my book addiction. The first score was the receipt of my first ARC! Penguin Books was kind enough to send me Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley for review. I had requested a copy only a week prior and it just appeared! As soon as I finish Illuminae, this is at the top of the TBR.20151112_100643-1That same day, to my surprise, I received a package for the Babbling Book Swap I had joined which was hosted by @babblingbooks on Instagram. Please check out her Instagram page! Her photos are beautiful and creative. She also has great book reviews on her blog. These are the awesome books that a fellow bookstagram-er sent me:

20151112_140354Two days after that, I received my Book of the Month subscription package. This book wasn’t a surprise as, with this subscription, you get to choose the book you want to receive. The book I chose for this month was The Witches: Salem, 1692 by Stacy Schiff.20151114_123619-1 I was still excited because I had been interested in getting this book for a while now. I still have her book Cleopatra in my TBR…It’s a really big TBR pile I have.

Finally, last night I received my Uppercase Subscription Box. This was my first month and I am hooked!  This month’s book is Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin. It sounds really interesting. Plus, as you can see in the picture, there are sticky notes through out the book for a interactive experience. I think I will really enjoy reading this one. But look at the cute bookish items too! This box came with a Wolf by Wolf pin, a key chain that reads “Certified Book Addict” (so appropriate), and a lovely picture I can’t wait to frame. All were included in a great little bag that I will find a way to repurpose every month!20151116_172926-1

And this is why I love my mailman…♡

PS: Keep an eye out for reviews of all of these books in the near future!